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Success on Google Shopping requires customization of the Google Shopping feed with your up to date inventory and state of the art manipulation of your AdWords campaign.
We can maximize retailers performance and profitability by treating each SKU as our own line of business.

We are one of the few companies that do Google shopping management manually.
We cannot stress the importance of not using the automated software in any PPC effort but this particularly holds true for Google shopping or PLA ads.
Software simply cannot tailor your products to show up for related keywords like our search engine expert can.

For the niche-based product, we have Google shopping cost ¼ the costs of a traditional text-based ad campaign.
We deliver as much as 25% higher conversion rate.

Google shopping works best with a niche based product. Call us to find out at 1-212-932-7483 or fill out our contact form and we will do a free analysis to see if Google shopping is right for you.

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